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 .: EUPHORiCA :.

A desert dwelling goddess, who weaves stories of movement through magic and illusion. There is much that enchants her being, but nothing like the movement arts do. She is a fusion dancer, with a fiery passion for tribal fusion belly dance, hip hop, fire spinning, and flow arts. Euphorica lives and performs locally in Phoenix, Arizona. Her journey began after discovering the healing power that dance had on her body and mind. It soon became her everything. She has since then devoted her life to studying many movement art forms, and is currently working towards her degree in Dance Technology. She believes that dance is a meditation, a connection to spirit, a movement of energy, and a way to express inner creativity. It is what makes her feel most alive. When Euphorica is not dancing, you can find her crafting up magical potions of herbs and flowers. She is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist and runs her own business, Euphorica Essences, crafting up botanical elixirs, perfumes and tinctures. Euphorica lives her life with passion, and believes that life is too special to not do what we love the most. She believes in taking risk, working hard, and LOVING life to the fullest every day.

Photo taken Aaron Jardin of Captured Clock in Phoenix, Arizona.

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A desert creature, with a lifelong passion for creative expression through dance and clothing design. Nova’s dance is her personal flavor taken from many styles, including hip hop, belly dance, and burlesque. When performing, her body becomes a physical manifestation of the music. Her dance is sensual, playful, and interactive. Nova embodies confidence to invoke such in others. The stage is a space of gratitude, she holds respect and honor in her heart with every performance, no ego.

Photo taken by, Brandon Trieu, during music set by CharlestheFirst in Phoenix, Arizona.

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∆ Desert Rain ∆ 

An energetic embodiment of revitalization and resiliency ••• mirroring the light, darkness, and the gray scale between ~ existing within and beyond the human experience.

Desert Rain strives to inspire other humans to wiggle & shake their anatomical structures, enjoys safely setting various objects on fire, and seeks to catalyze cognitive questioning regarding social & creative norms. Originating from the the valley of Phoenix, Arizona, she has dedicated her time towards exposing herself to a plethora of diverse movement styles, performance art techniques, and healing modalities. Since beginning her training, Desert Rain has been involved in numerous artistic productions in which she interchangeably assumes the roles of performer, choreographer, curator, designer, technician, fire safety, improvisor, and artistic director. She recently assumed all of these roles alongside her artistic partner, Brandon Trieu, to produce the interdisciplinary arts showcase, BEDREST. Desert Rain is a fiery contemporary mover and shaker, having studied sixteen technical movement styles under eclectic teachers based around the world. Her creative passion for movement and fire arts has deepened by traveling and touring around the Southwestern portion of the United States. Desert Rain contributes her energy to music festivals and productions as a collaborative interdisciplinary performer. Her wandering nature has led her to create and share space with local and international music artists, some of which include: CloZee, Drumspyder, Random Rab, Ott., Desert Dwellers, Dela Moontribe, Polish Ambassador, Soohan, Yaima, CharlestheFirst, Govinda, The Floozies, Outersect, Ill Gates, Soulular, Sticky Buds, An-Ten-Nae, and Dimond Saints. Desert Rain plans to continue her work in unifying the Arizonan arts communities while she completes her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance within Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Photo taken by, Sage Thomas, during collaborative set with music producer, Drumspyder, at the Global Eclipse Gathering in central Oregon.

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•• Dreya ••

A movement alchemist inspired by the elements. Fire is her element of expression, her natural state. From the flames that consume her, she is charged with energy that is quick and fierce. Her inner flame never goes out, keeping her ready for any battle ahead. She is a flow artist, welding diverse tools in her performance, including double staff, fans, hoops, and rope dart. Dreya is here to create a space for movement and help you find meditation in your dance. She hopes to help you feel the alignment within yourself to the unseen world of vibration. Dreya wants to connect you back to your body and finally, at last, feel free to let go.

Photo taken by, Brandon Trieu, during music set by CharlestheFirst in Phoenix, Arizona.

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